Body Count

From Circle Of The Crone

Player: Joshua Chaney

Name: BodyCount aka BC aka Bruno Ceasar

Clan: Nosferatu (Clan Status 1) Rumored to be of an exotic bloodline, the predator known as Body Count can be most recognized by his inhumanly green eyes and the way he examines everyone in the room as if they were something to be eaten. Rumors abound about his origins, needless to say few would turn a back to a creature so low in humanity.

Covenant: Circle of the Crone (Covenant Status 3)

Picture: Image:shadows.jpg

Location: Recently BC gave up praxis of the small city of Terre Haute Indiana in order to once again take the nomadic lifestyle that appeals to many. He most often frequents the Atlantic City strip club where he and his House hold meetings.

Common Knowledge among the Circle: Not much is known of where BC came from, or who he came from for that matter. Rumor has it that BC is somehow linked with Yamagami Seiko but the facts are few and not many dare to stay near him long enough to ask. These nights he is most commonly found in the company of Rose Nevar and Esmond Draca; both who are rumored to be in his assassins "House of Shadows" for which he is the Keeper of the Void. For the last six months he held the city of Terre Haute Indiana though he recently abdicated and turned it over the the Bishop Van Der Haus of Indianapolis. Before that he made his most frequent location Atlantic City where he helped keep the peace by killing the stupid.

Rumors and Stories: If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about BodyCount, feel free to post them below here.

  • If rumor is to be believed BC actually comes from a fierce bloodline of Turkish warriors forged to detroy the Ordo.
  • Some whisper that BC and the Cardinal MacKenzie Dumont de la Cruz have forged some unholy alliance and are secretly lovers working to undermine the church.
  • Recent nights have heard rumblings that BC and his house are actually members of the sect of VII, using their gifts to exterminate all who oppose them.
  • BC and his house have been implicated in several murders as of late, including the untimely demise of several Carthians including Seraph and Grace Morgenstien. Rumor has it that several gangrel have met the wrong end of his claws as well.
  • In Kentucky a foolish daeva who mentioned hunting BodyCount in front of the Cardinal Vicar Marcus Dirae is said to earned the brunt of the Cardinals wrath. This outburst has lead to those who question how the two nos are related and if perhaps BC hasn't been blood bonding Cardinals or is possible bound to the curia himself.
  • BodyCount was recently the target of some threats by Lance in Terre Haute Indiana, rumor has it that he ordered his gaurdian Rose Nevar to slay one per threat infront of the entire court.
  • Some say in the woods of Indiana there is a clearing which BC uses for demonic magic, a clearing paved a foot deep with the ashes of those who have fallen to his claws.
  • Among certain circles it is rumored that a single drop of BC's blood will turn an opponents weapon to dust.
  • Rumors abound as to what Goddess BC actually worships but given his prediliction for holding meetings in mortal strip clubs it must certainly be one of fertility.
  • It is said the BC has been given Right of Destruction in several cities among them Atlantic City, Louisville and Boston.
  • Those who venture near enough to Bodycount to hear a conversation have said that his allies comment freely on his special dietiary needs. Apparently the nos is restricted to feeding on the blood of virgins though in a pinch he has forgone nuns for that of infants.
  • It is thought that the consuming hatred Bodycount is known for having against the morbus can be linked back to Cherbonne, who spurned his advances for those of Hezekiah Cooper.
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